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On activation i am Safe will immediately -

Picture This

You can be travelling the world on your own, or just out for a night with your friends who have gone their separate ways and left you to catch a taxi. It is THREE in the morning, the streets are deserted and there's not a taxi to be seen anywhere. All of a sudden, you feel very alone and vulnerable.

You think you see movement in the darkness of a doorway close by. Then, from nowhere a large figure is rushing at you. The situation immediately becomes an emergency.

At once, with one touch of the i am Safe button on your iPhone your emergency strategy is activated and positive safety actions are triggered. The people who care about you are notified immediately by SMS and Email, your position is tracked and recorded wherever you may be and the event is monitored.

i am Safe will send your messages to and from anywhere in the world, subject to the integrity of the signal on your iPhone.

You can have your loved ones monitor your safety at any time from anywhere and feel totally secure. In today's world of uncertainty and violence, i am Safe is a MUST for EVERYONE.